Flash Post: Where you tend a rose …

Pluck the weeds...

Pluck the weeds…

Friends. Acquaintances.

The contents of my closet.

Dry goods in the pantry.

Books. Magazines.

My career.

Significant others.

Record collection.

My inbox.

My purse.

Le jardin.

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3 thoughts on “Flash Post: Where you tend a rose …

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is on time. M & I decided that moving closer to his family is happening sooner than later, I’ve made some mental health changes, and some changes to get my knitting business going again. This post, and just seeing you post again, was another encouraging drop in my bucket.

    • nitadee says:

      Well honey, ain’t the universe a grand place?! My friend texted that picture to me and as I was saving it, I thought why not get my NaNoWriMo urges out (’cause let’s be real–they ain’t earnest enough to go FULL NaNoWriMo,.so flash post it is!). I’m happy that it too spurred something good ‘n lovely for you too.

      Meanwhile I started to write NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to you & M moving and then I was like, chile hush. Have friends, will travel. Besides, SHB and I still aren’t officially acquainted which continues to be ridiculous.

      Anywho, autumn is a wonderful catalyst for weed pluckin’. Glad you’re back to the good grinds. is it too early for me to place an order for something? I don’t even know what–I mean, I have ideas, but I don’t know if these can be actual things. Just let me know when the shop is up, lol.

      IN THE MEANTIME, Mad Mex?

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